Aspen Fuel


We are now a stockist for Aspen Alkylate fuel.


Aspen Alkylate Petrol is the cleanest form of petrol available today. Unlike regular petrol, Aspen Alkylate Petrol stays fresh for years. This leads to easier starting and optimum performance, from the moment you first open your fuel can right to the very last drop – no waste and no hassle. It is better for the environment and better for the health of the user as it doesn’t contain the same harmful chemicals found in petrol station fuels. It also does not contain any ethanol, which is an alcohol additive put into petrol that can cause damage to many parts of small engines if left if left stood for a number of weeks.

We are stocking Aspen 4 used in 4 stroke engines and Aspen 2 which comes pre-mixed with 2 stroke oil, suitable for 2 stroke engines.

To find out more about Aspen fuels, you can view their website by clicking here.


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